The New Author Podcast – The Most Important Podcast in the History of the World

Join us this week on the New Author Podcast because it’s episode 42, the most important number in the world, which makes this podcast the most important podcast of all time. This week, Lindsay is sick and Jerry is traveling…yet again. He announces where and why at the end of the episode so stay tuned for that…or just fast forward to the end and find out…just as long as you count as a download 🙂

This week’s episode is all about clarity.

– Jerry’s clarity on what he currently wants from the beginning of his author career
– Lindsay’s lack of clarity on her book and her plans to clear it up

Lindsay mentions an email she got from podcast listener Kat Bammer (amazing name!) that will help her Save the Cat, but romance style. Find it here: Romancing the Beat, Story Structure for Romance Novels.

Jerry talks about how a Twitter exchange with author friend Paul Teague helped him understand what he was looking for.

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