New Author Podcast – Episode 6

On this week’s podcast I’ll explain how my word count went up 6 times more than it did last week and why I’m so excited about. I talk more about the KU vs Wide struggle I’m having in my brain. I’ll ramble about why the next two chapters in my book may be cut completely … Read moreNew Author Podcast – Episode 6

New Author Podcast – Episode 5

I didn’t have any new revelations this time but I did have a few things rolling around in my head that I wanted to talk about. I also gave an update on how much I wrote last week and what my schedule looks like for this week. Thanks again to Paul Teague for mentioning me … Read moreNew Author Podcast – Episode 5

New Author Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode I go in depth into my future plans and not all of it is book related. I’ll talk about my personal finances and how they fit into my Rapid Release plans. I also ask my listeners to insult me. Here are the links to the resources I plan on using as I … Read moreNew Author Podcast – Episode 4

New Author Podcast – Episode 2

In this episode, I’ll tell you why it’s been two weeks (in this weekly podcast) since I last recorded. I’ll let you know why my “editor” called me immature and lazy. And I’ll ramble on about where I am in the process of writing and if the first book in my series will be out … Read moreNew Author Podcast – Episode 2