New Author Podcast – Episode 8 – An Emergency Chapendectomy!

In episode 8, I talk about something that happened at my writer’s club on Thursday that started a chain reaction that lasted the whole weekend. Over/Under on how many times I say “crap” or some variation of it is 4.5 (here’s a hint: take the over!)

Here’s the page I talked about when it comes to describing the skin color of your characters:

How can anyone say no to this face???

My new writer’s desk, as built by the husband (aka, my father) of my editor (aka, my mother)

2 thoughts on “New Author Podcast – Episode 8 – An Emergency Chapendectomy!”

  1. Another resource for you to check is the Writing Excuses podcast. Season 13 is all about character and what writers get wrong. Hope this helps with your questions on character description.

    • Thanks for the tip! I actually have listened to them in the past but stopped not too long ago. I’ll have to go back and check out what they say.

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